About Mimi G Designs

Emilee Peterson is a couture ballroom fashion designer and founder of Mimi G Designs in Chicago. She discovered very early in life her passion for art, dance, and design. Emilee grew up attending both art and dance classes. She studied and received her degree in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design and Technology. She is a classically trained dancer as well as an accomplished competitive ballroom dancer and instructor. Emilee’s background in dance and design gives her a unique understanding and perspective. She is dedicated to creating incredible pieces which capture the essence of each dancer and allows them to perform with utmost confidence in the design they were meant to wear. Emilee’s inspiration comes from her mom and her grandmother, Mimi, who taught her how to bring her imagination to life by using various art forms. She considers herself extremely fortunate to have had the support of both women who recognized and fostered her creativity and talent. Her integrity in design and dance are evident in each creation.